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Options from left to right:
  1. Clear - all calculated points will be clear.
  2. Open - load new fractal from file
  3. Properties - show window with fractal properties
  4. Save - save fractal to file (as Fractal file, as PNG image, as CSV 3d points, as CSV 2d points, as POVray scene)
  5. Copy - copy fractal image to clipboard
  6. Print - print fractal
  7. Run - calculate fractal points and draw image
  8. Stop - stop calculating
  9. Front - select point of view (Front, Back, Left or Right)
  10. Color - select color palette (Mono, Gray, Color, Gray line, Color line, Gray historiogram, Color historiogram)
  11. Draw - draw fractal image
  12. Moon - draw as moon landscape
  13. 3d balls - draw as 3d balls, not finished yet
  14. Settings - program settings
    1. Time counter - fractal points, default 1 000 000
    2. Resolution (2d pixels) - fractal image resolution, width x height, default 500x500
    3. Resolution (3d pixels) - fractal image resolution, width x height x depth, default 100x100x100
    4. CSV separator - separator in Save as CSV 3d points and Save as CSV 2d points
    5. CSV culture name - number format, for example enUS, enGB,,pl_PL etc
    6. Fractals directory - default directory: My Documents\Fractals


From left to right:
  1. Fractal name
  2. Image resolution
  3. Image zoom
  4. Calculating progress
  5. Points counter
  6. Current program cessage

Fractal file format (*.qfr)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<quantumfractal version="2">
      <type>Iterated Function System</type>
      <author>Arkadiusz Jadczyk</author>
      <detectors count="6">
         <point>0,  0,  1</point>
         <point>1,  0,  0</point>
         <point>0,  1,  0</point>
         <point>-1, 0,  0</point>
         <point>0, -1,  0</point>
         <point>0,  0, -1</point>

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